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Working Woman

Ready  for  transformational  coaching  and profound changes in your business and personal life?

Coaching is where we co-create a dynamic transformational space, in which you will experience profound personal and professional change. I bring coaching expertise with over a decade of psychotherapeutic experience - meaning we will work at depth and achieve measurable results in our coaching sessions.  I work well with owners, founders,  C-Suite, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs. I am an Accredited Practitioner Member of EMCC and abide by their Global Code of Ethics. 

Is your business:

  • Expanding quickly?

  • Moving through a period of change and transition?

Are you:

  • Strategising or executing a career transition?

  • Experiencing a change at work? 

  • Overwhelmed by unrealistic personal expectations and work demands?

  • Struggling to create work - life harmony?

  • Seeking support in goal setting?

Would you like to:

  • Experience unbiased insight?

  • Become aware of a fresh perspective?

  • See yourself more clearly?

  • Experience others more clearly?

  • Build more helpful relationships?

  • Acknowledge and truly own your strengths?

  • Make changes to support your career, wellbeing, and relationships?

  • Achieve goals that are meaningful to you?

  • Work on your business, not just in it?

  • Align your personal and corporate values?

  • Have an accountability partner?

Contact me to set up a welcome meeting, and to create a bespoke coaching package that meets your needs.​  

Let’s Work Together

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