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I can provide the following workshops, in partnership with Alison Balfour, as professional CPD for coaches, counsellors, psychotherapists, healthcare, private and third sector organisations.  If you, or an organisation you work for,  would like to attend any of these courses please get in touch and we can add your name to our interest list.


Working with People who use Substances


This one day experiential training explores:

  •      How our values influence how we work with people who use substance

  •      Dependencies

  •      The change cycle

  •      Substance awareness

  •      Case studies



The Neurobiological Effects of Trauma 

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and traumatic events can have a significant effect of all aspects of our development, especially our nervous system and brain. This one day training focusses on:

  •      Neurobiology

  •      Safety and stabilisation

  •      Grounding Techniques

  •      Recognising dissociation and dissociative disorders

  •      Reconnection to self and others

  •      Tools that can facilitate clients towards integration and inner connection



Safeguarding for Psychotherapists and Counsellors

Working with risk is an integral part of being a psychotherapeutic practitioner, however this is a subject that is often overlooked in psychotherapy training courses.  This one day experiential course will give you confidence in:

  •      Understanding why safeguarding is so important

  •      Recognising risk

  •      Recording risk

  •      Reporting on, where appropriate

  •      Case studies

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